The Advantages of Dental Implants

The technical innovation that allows modern day dental implants to be fixed and remain in an individuals gum area was developed during the seventies. The technical innovation is used today by producers of implants who are making them more affordable for patients all the time. The first major leaps in the technical innovation were made by a Swedish researcher who discovered that titanium combines with the navicular bone in an individuals’ gum area. It is this organic connection that allows the improvement to settle and act as a lengthy lasting replacement for a missing tooth.

Fitting dental implants is a specialized process and cannot be performed by all dental practitioners. First of all the specialist must practice as a regular dental professional to have the necessary credentials to allow them to further their career and practice implantology. Then if the dental professional chooses that they want to focus on implantology they must complete more coaching. Most of this coaching is practical on the job training carried out as they observe experienced experts or in further education training centres.

For people who are dental implants are the excellent replacement if you have lost a tooth. Other options commonly used include bridges and dentures. Of these three methods dentalimplants should stay in place far longer than the others, will look most like your existing teeth and stop the bone in your gums from receding thus giving your face a sunken appearance.

As mentioned above the major technical progress in the production of dentalimplants was the use of titanium as the primary component. Titanium naturally combines with navicular bone as the navicular bone effectively develops around it. Consequently it will act as a good root for the replacement tooth (which is placed on top of the implant). If taken care of effectively and supposing there are no problems dentalimplants should last the rest of your life. In fact most dental practitioners will give a lifetime guarantee on implants.

Dentures should also last a quite a while if they are taken care of effectively. The problem with dentures is that they are difficult to maintain and are not a fixed permanent solution. It is the removal and cleaning that turns most people off dentures. Bridges will not be expected to last more than 10 years. They use the nearby teeth for support and over time they can damage the nearby tooth as they place additional pressure on them.

The other primary advantage of implants is that they stop the bone in your gum line from receding. Bone wither up occurs when you do not have a full set of teeth. The tooth serves as a base for the navicular bone to fit onto which starts to recede if teeth are missing. The effect of this on someone’s appearance can be quite bad as their face becomes submerged around their cheeks and mouth. Dental Implants will halt this bone recession in its tracks as they promote navicular bone development and growth.

For the reasons listed above dentalimplants are the excellent means for filling missing teeth. They are not yet the most popular technique because although prices have dropped recently, they are still quite expensive and not available through public healthcare.

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