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Cutting Health Care Costs Advice & Tips 

A Few Tips For Cutting Health Care Costs

Health care costs have skyrocketed over the past few decades and do not appear to be going down significantly any time soon.  Since nobody wants to spend any of their hard earned money unnecessarily, are there ways we can limit what we pay for health care?  The answer is a resounding yes, and throughout this article we will look at a few things each and every one of us can do. It’s simple – eat better! The American Center for Disease Control claims that 75% of health care costs come from chronic…

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DOL Advice & Tips 

Restriction on Companionship Exemption Finalized By DOL

Be prepared to add a new layer of bureaucracy to your aide scheduling with effect from January 2015. The Department of Labor is removing the companionship exemption to minimum wage along with overtime rules for home care aides who are employed by a third party, which also includes home health agencies. According to the DOL, this change was suggested nearly two years back when President Obama had made a promise to make sure that direct care workers will receive adequate pay for a full day of work. Additionally, the introduction of a…

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Home health care Advice & Tips 

Tips on Transitioning from the Hospital to Home Health Care

Providing high quality healthcare is one of the top priorities health professionals concentrate on. Healthcare professionals have to make sure that their patient takes their medicine on time, gets enough fluid and eats the right diet. Effective coordination between hospital staff ensures fast recovery and discharge. In the United States of America alone, $2 trillion is spent on health care, and approximately 1/3 of the said amount is spent on hospitalization. As soon as the patient is discharged from the hospital, all the potential health risks and dangers have been…

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