Eight Ways to Get Over Your Fear of the Dentist

Fearing a trip to the dentist isn’t uncommon, with many people waiting anxiously for the date to arrive and wondering how they’ll approach the pressuring situation.

Dentists are an important part of everyone’s life, with checkups required to ensure our teeth are in the best possible condition. We also need our dentist to give our children and us before advice on cleaning our teeth.

So what do you do if your dentist phobia is serious enough to consider not going altogether?

Here are some tips you can use to overcome your fear once and for all.

Don’t Underestimate Dental Procedures!

It’s been some time since we were resigned to a standard living room high chairs and drills, so don’t worry about the procedure. Dental procedures have come a long way since they first started, with huge improvements made over the past few decades.

There are numerous treatments now available that can be specifically designed to suit your requirements. You’ll also have highly skilled, trained and fully qualified dentists and dental assistants at your side to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Take Medication If Necessary

There are plenty of medical approaches you can take to feeling relaxed during a dental procedure, with dentists recommending the use of nitrous oxide to calm patients. This sedation technique ensures you don’t feel a thing and ensures you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

If you’re extremely nervous, the dentist may offer you anti-anxiety medication. Speak to your dental surgeon prior to your appointment and confirm whether or not they use this medication to make you feel better beforehand.

Take Your Time

Dentists don’t need to rush procedures as they put plenty of time aside for each patient before a dental check-up. Dentists will take their time if they notice that a patient is feeling nervous so that the experience is far more relaxing.

If this is your first time visiting a dentist, it might be a good idea to make it a simple check-up so that you can meet your dentist and get a better idea of what goes on. Building a positive relationship with your dentist is a great start to overcoming your fear.

Go Through Breathing Exercises

Dentists will notice if you’re nervous or otherwise recommend you tell them beforehand so that they can offer you advice on breathing techniques. Take a deep breath and do your best to relax throughout the procedure as this will help keep you calm, regardless of whether you’re coping or not.

The dentist might even recommend you listen to some relaxing music beforehand or perhaps schedule your appointment earlier in the morning, as stress tends to build up towards the end of the day.

Visit Regularly and Don’t Miss Appointments

Checkups can be scary enough for some, but it’s important that you visit your dentist when you are required to do so as often as possibles that you get into a routine. The more you go, the more likely you are to find your experience less daunting.

It’s also important to go more regularly to the dentist to keep your teeth healthy, as any problems you do have may get worse during the time you avoid appointments.

Ask Your Dentist for an Explanation

Dentists are always happy to help out and will answer any questions you might have prior to the procedure. They will also take you through the procedure step-by-step if necessary so that you’re fully aware of what they are doing.

There’s nothing to stop you asking questions throughout the procedure, so feel free to ask anything you want from the cleaning techniques used to how long you have left before it’s over! Dentists are prepared for all kinds of people with a variety of personalities, so you can rest assured that they’ll offer a service that suits you.

Talk to the Staff

The staff at your local dentist will be more than happy to provide you with any advice you need before your appointment.

You can get any questions you’ve wanted to ask out of the way before sorting out your schedule and gain a better understanding of how the procedure is carried out. You can also use your experiences with your dentist and the staff to decide whether this is the right dentist for you.

Let the Dentist Know of Your Anxieties

Dentists are regularly adjusting their services to suit the requirements of those with a fear of the dentist, so don’t be afraid to let the dentist know of your concerns. The dentist can use this information to determine how to best manage the situation and address your worries.

If the dentist is aware that the upcoming experience might be quite a daunting one for you, you are likely to feel a lot better once the procedure is underway.


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