7 reasons why using asbestos in your home and work is a bad idea

For quite a while, asbestos had taken a firm place in the construction sector. It is the mesmerizing properties of this substance that made it this popular in the first place. This substance which is a collection of naturally occurring fibre-like minerals is known to be soft yet resistant to heat, chemical corrosion, and electricity. The most prominent application of asbestos in construction was mixing in cement to give the structure insulation and fireproofing properties. On top of this, the mineral’s resistance to chemical corrosion also improved the strength of the structure.

Given all the benefits of asbestos in construction, it can be very easy for you to think of using it in your home or work. No matter how lucrative this idea may seem, it is a very bad one. Here are seven reasons why using asbestos in your home and work is a bad idea.

Personal and public health risks

The primary reason for the infamy that currently surrounds asbestos is a result of the personal and public health risks that it pauses. The microscopic fibres that are found in asbestos are easily inhaled and swallowed as they cannot be seen, smelled or even tasted. Once you inhale the asbestos fibres will continuously accumulate in your body. This is because they are difficult for the body to expel them. This accumulation usually brings about health risks like tissue inflammation and cell damage. This will not only happen to you if you use asbestos in your home or work but also those around both directly and indirectly.

Damage your investment’s value

For most people, the most sensible investment of their lives is usually their property either a home, office building or both. What has made property a much more lucrative investment is its predictability and ease of operation. Putting your life’s work into your real estate investment means that you are very hopeful things will go well, and someday you will turn a good profit. But things can really go wrong for you if you use asbestos in either your home or work. The value of your property can fall dramatically below its real value if you have used asbestos. You honestly don’t want to lose your investment so avoid it.

Get into the wrong side of the law

As a result of the health risks that asbestos pauses to you and the public, some states have strict regulations controlling or outlawing its use in construction. For this reason, if you would like to avoid in brushes with the authorities, you should completely avoid using asbestos in your home or work. You can avoid unnecessary trouble with the law by just avoiding asbestos. Additionally, it’s crucial that you familiarise with the regulations surrounding the use of asbestos around your area before you do anything related to it.

Environmental damage

It’s easy to say that the good properties asbestos in construction is why you should avoid it as an environmentally conscious person. The fact that this mineral is resistant to heat and chemical corrosion means that it can be hardly broken down. This means that when exposed to the environment, the material cannot decompose or degrade. The waste from materials made of asbestos will easily become an environmental hazard as a result. This is why you should avoid using asbestos in your home or work. It is a good virtue for you to care about the environment and to promote its well-being.

Legal repercussions

As an employer, parent and even neighbour, its good of you to provide a safe environment for those around you. As an employer, you should provide a safe working environment for your employees; as a parent, you should provide a safe environment to your children; and as a neighbour, you should provide a safe environment for your other neighbours. Preceding any of these responsibilities can put you in serious trouble legally as asbestos is a life threatening substance. In the worst-case scenario, you can even be up for criminal charges for negligence and putting the life of your employees, children, and neighbours at risk. You don’t want to go to jail, do you?

Financial losses

Asbestos has led to heavy financial losses to many people in general. First, you are likely to get sick if you use asbestos in your home or work. Treatment for these asbestos-related ailments is not affordable if any treatment can help. You can easily find yourself in a messy financial situation as a result of using asbestos in your home or workplace as a result of legal fees and settlements. As an employer, your employees can sue you if they get affected by the asbestos. It’s just better to avoid asbestos.

Expensive removal costs

If you are the type that does not believe in the dangers of asbestos and ignore all warnings not to use it in your home or work, you should be prepared to pay expensive removal costs. Removal of asbestos material from a building is not easy work and needs professionals in asbestos abatement to handle it. This service can cost a fortune depending on the prevalence of the situation.

Instead of having to go through any of these troubles, it’s wise to avoid the use of asbestos altogether. There are other relatively lucrative alternatives to asbestos such as Polyurethane foam, Amorphous silica fabric, Thermoset plastic flour, and cellulose fibre. All of these alternatives are just as highly fire resistant and chemical corrosion resistant just like asbestos without any of the health risks that come with it. So, if you were thinking of using asbestos for your home or work, why not use the alternatives instead.


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