diabetes Advice & Tips 

Diabetes – Everything you should know before too late

Diabetes is a disease that affects challenging millions of people worldwide. If not controlled, it will lead to declining health and other serious problems. What is this disease? Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease in which the insulin is not produced the enough amounts inside your body, or cannot use insulin. Typically, starches, sugars and other nutrients are broken down into glucose, and blood is transferred to the cells. The cells use insulin, a hormone substance (hormone) secreted by the pancreas, helps glucose to be metabolized into energy. Without enough…

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Diabetes Advice & Tips 

The Road to Change After a Diabetes Scare

Other than perhaps being diagnosed with cancer, a possible diagnosis of diabetes is one of the most life-altering medical situations you can find yourself in. Diabetes is a serious disease that requires many lifestyle changes, such as limiting sweet foods, testing blood-sugar levels and keeping up with regular visits to the doctor. Sometimes, a diabetes diagnosis can be such a shock that the patient falls into a depression in the weeks that follow. A number of symptoms can point to diabetes, but many of these same symptoms could also indicate…

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