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Dental Implants Dental Health 

The Advantages of Dental Implants

The technical innovation that allows modern day dental implants to be fixed and remain in an individuals gum area was developed during the seventies. The technical innovation is used today by producers of implants who are making them more affordable for patients all the time. The first major leaps in the technical innovation were made by a Swedish researcher who discovered that titanium combines with the navicular bone in an individuals’ gum area. It is this organic connection that allows the improvement to settle and act as a lengthy lasting replacement…

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Dentist Appointments Dental Health 

4 Steps To Loving Your Dentist Appointments

Let’s face it, no one really likes going to the dentist. There’s someone poking around in your mouth with sharp metal instruments, a bright light in your face, and sometimes frightening drilling noises. But you, as a mature adult, know that you need to go to the dentist at least twice yearly to protect your teeth. So how do you make the discomfort more manageable? Here are 4 key things that may make your next dentist appointment bearable. 1. Pick an Enjoyable Dentist Dentists know that it can be a little uncomfortable…

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Oral Health Dental Health 

Poor Oral Health And Athletic Performance

It’s hardly likely that the last time you exercised, you thought about your mouth. More specifically, the health of your mouth, teeth and gums. Why would you? However, it turns out your oral health might be impacting on your performance. In fact, research is continuing to show that poor oral health is negatively impacting on athletes. How Do We Know About This? Research conducted by University College London asked 302 athletes during the Olympics in London 2012 about their oral health. Of these, 55% had cavities, 41% irreparable. Another 75% had…

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Cosmetic Procedures By Dentists Dental Health 

4 Top Cosmetic Procedures Performed By Dentists

Going to the dentist is often associated with painful and dreaded procedures.  However, dentistry is becoming more cosmetic in nature and patients now have many options to choose from that can help improve the overall appearance of their teeth and smile.  This article will discuss in further detail four of the top cosmetic procedures commonly performed in dental offices today. Read below to find out if any of the procedures are of interest to you. Braces Braces are often thought of as a corrective procedure for children, but braces can also…

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Guide To A Dental Visit Dental Health 

Step By Step Guide To A Dental Visit

Going to the dentist is never easy or fun, and some people have a fear of visiting the dentist.  The process can be lengthy and uncomfortable and the thought of having dental work can be scary.  However, dental hygiene is a necessity to our overall health and should be taken seriously.  This article will provide a step by step guide of what to expect during a dental visit. Dental Cleaning One part of your dental visit will be the teeth cleaning.  Your dental hygienist will likely complete this part of…

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