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neck and back pain Advice & Tips 

Dealing With Neck and Back Pain

A ‘pulled’ neck can be a very painful and frustrating ailment to contend with. Indeed, this kind of soreness can make it difficult – sometimes even impossible – for an afflicted individual to look around them without carefully turning the rest of their body beforehand. However, as uncomfortable as this pain can be, it is often the case that neck pain does not always stop with the neck. All too frequently, the pain, stiffness and tingles associated with neck ailments can spread down a person’s upper and lower back and…

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Back Pain Exercise & Fitness 

How to Find Back Pain Relief – Healthy Living

Severe, chronic back pain can be caused by something as simple as Vitamin D deficiency or something as serious as osteoarthritis. However, it’s best to try these simple practices of lower back pain treatment before assuming the worst. Common cures: Ice is one of the simplest ways to fight inflammation and pain, as it numbs the nerves in the affected area. Regular usage of ice packs on the affected area can relieve painful spasms as well. Warmth promotes blood circulation, and inhibits the pain messages from being sent to your brain. Blood…

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