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Mental Health Law Mental Health 

Mental Health is under Supervised Community Treatment

Your rights to Supervised Community Treatment are outlined in section 4 of the Mental Health Act. Under this health law, Supervised Community Treatment means that a person has been given a community treatment order (CTO) after they have left hospital. If you are given a CTO, you must meet five particular criteria. These are: –          You suffer from a mental disorder which makes medical treatment appropriate –          This treatment is needed for the protection the health and safety of you or other people –          This treatment can be provided without…

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Healthier and Happier Mind Mental Health 

3 Ways I Created a Healthier and Happier Mind

Am I happy all the time? No. Am I totally free from worry and anxiety? Absolutely not. I highly doubt anyone alive and breathing would answer yes to these questions. In improving our mental state, the goal is not about becoming some perfect being who is floating on a happy cloud all the time. Being happy and mentally healthy is not about that. It is about feeling good more of the time. It is about learning to handle the lower moments better. It is about learning how to gain better…

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