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Risk Of A Stroke Advice & Tips 

Who Is Most Likely To Be At Risk Of A Stroke?

There are many who are at risk for a stroke; however, to prevent a stroke there are certain things you and I can do such as getting regular checkups, eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise. When a stroke occurs, a person loses control of their movement, speech, perception or other bodily functions. In addition, one can also lose consciousness. There are certain symptoms of a stroke that everyone should be aware of such as: • Loss of vision, coordination, strength, speech and sensation • A sudden weakness or numbness…

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result of smoking cigarettes Advice & Tips 

The dangers that come as a result of smoking cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is one of the most common habits exercised by people of all ages and sexes. Taking a number of cigarette puffs a day relieves stress and tension for the smoker. In addition to that it is a stimulant due to the presence of nicotine in the tobacco. However, there are serious consequences of smoking cigarettes. Due to the combustion of the tobacco, as one of the cigarette Supplies, there is production of smoke to produce nicotine and tar. As a result there are various dangers that come with…

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