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Healthy Teeth Dental Health 

4 Ways To Promote Healthy Teeth And Gums

Whether you are looking for a Coquitlam dentist, or one in Branson, you want to be sure that you find a trustworthy and capable professional. However, even with the best dentists, there is only so much they can do. Many people like to put the responsibility for their health and dental issues squarely on the shoulders of their doctors and dentists. In reality, though, their health and well-being are largely in their own hands. Your health professionals can do only so much to repair the damage caused by your daily…

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Ensure Oral Health Dental Health 

Know the Life Stages of a Tooth and Ways to Ensure Oral Health

Do you love to smile but find it difficult due to poor oral health? When the oral hygiene of a person is good, he is able to taste all the pleasures of life in a confident way and when it vanishes, it becomes way hard to smile. Tooth’s hygiene is hence indeed very important for every individual. Tooth too has different life stages including Dentin, Root, Enamel, Pulp, and Root Bud, where dentin is the inner layer, root is the part that secures the tooth into the jaw, enamel is the…

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Oral hygiene Dental Health 

Non-Oral Diseases that could be Caused by Poor Oral Hygiene

We all know that having poor oral hygiene can ruin your day. Periodontitis is a serious issue that affects millions of Americans, while cavities and worse cause pain and all around discomfort to nearly 92% of all adults (from ages 20 to 64). But, while annoying, few consider these problems anything more than a speed bump in their day, as they allow dentists to fix the problem but doing nothing to fix the root cause. After all, a cavity can’t kill you, right? While this may be true, a mountain…

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