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Berry diet Diets & Nutrition 

Berry diet: how to lose 2 kg in a week

Berries – it’s just a storehouse of vitamins and biologically active substances. They have since ancient times people were drugs for many diseases. Berries help in the treatment of diabetes, have an anti-tumor effect, lower cholesterol, are indispensable for colds. Many of them are natural antibiotics. Just a couple of handfuls of berries already boosts immunity and protective properties of the organism. At the same time the berries are low calorie, so berry diet in the summer season a great outlet for people who love to eat yummy and dreaming…

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Belly Fat Diets & Nutrition 

8 Great Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat in a Week

In this article where going to look at 8 easy to follow tips that will help you start losing belly fat in a week. Now don’t go expecting to see a shredded stomach in a week, there will certainly be some improvement as you can easily lose a few pounds in 7 days. However if you continue to use these tips after the seven days you will experience some serious changes and end up losing a lot of weight over the course of a month as well as experiencing some…

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Lose weight now Exercise & Fitness 

Things that might prevent you from losing weight

Image credit: Alan Cleaver There is no such thing as a losing weight recipe that works for everyone. Depending on your genetics, your overall state of health and your lifestyle, losing the extra weight might be easy or, on the contrary, a very difficult process.  If you are committed to losing the extra weight, it’s important to take into account all the factors that might interfere with the process. Here are some of the things that could prevent you from losing weight or might make weight loss a lot difficult…

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losing weight-2 Advice & Tips 

How to Lose Weight in the Most Effective and Proven Ways

Today, a majority of individuals are struggling with weight loss and fitness issues. Having extra pounds is your body will not only affect your health negatively but also your self-esteem and confidence. Whether your operating on a tight schedule or a tight budget such that you cannot manage to enroll to a gym, there are other ways you can use to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. If you are determined and focused with your goals and objectives, you will definitely attain them. Losing weight is not a one…

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Lose Weight Diets & Nutrition 

5 Diet Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss isn’t just about boosting your own self-esteem. If you suffer from obesity or are overweight, losing weight can be a life-safer, reducing your chances of developing various diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and so on. There is a huge amount of research to help dieters lose weight in a healthy and practical manner. Here are some scientifically based diet tips to help you get started on your weight loss journey, so you can achieve true health and happiness. 1. Skip the soda According to some research…

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