How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Take Care Of Your Oral Needs

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry which deals with the appearance of our teeth. It usually involves procedures to add dental materials to teeth like bonding and crowns, to remove gums or tooth structure like gingivectomy, normal standard cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and procedures to straighten teeth. While the first three come under the specialty of prosthodontics, the last procedure comes under Orthodontics. Now that we know a little about cosmetic dentistry, let us see how it can take care of our oral needs.

The most common procedure that a cosmetic dentist does is bleaching or teeth whitening. In this modern age, the natural colour of our teeth can be affected due to many reasons like smoking, our eating habits, collection of tartar and plaque deposits and also the ageing process. Bleaching whitens our teeth as a result of which we can regain our smile and our confidence that comes with it. Teeth without any stains give us a younger and a healthy appearance. This procedure also gives us a chance to start over so that we can maintain our teeth properly by practicing good oral hygiene.

Bonding is another procedure which dentists perform often. In this procedure dental bonding materials are used to fill cavities or secure the root of a tooth which is exposed. The material used is usually a resin material that is of the same colour as the tooth. This is applied and hardened using a special light. With bonding our decayed, cracked or chipped teeth can be repaired since resins are used to fill the cavities. The appearance of discoloured teeth can also be improved by bonding. Our general appearance will also be improved as the unwanted space between teeth can be closed and teeth can be made to look longer and better shaped.

Using veneers or laminates is another procedure in cosmetic dentistry for which many among us visit our dentists. In this, a thin layer of tooth friendly material like porcelain or resin composite materials is used to cover the front surface of our teeth. In addition to improving our appearance and confidence veneers also improve the shapes of disfigured teeth which are chipped, worn or slightly crooked. It fills the spaces between teeth and betters the colour of teeth which are stained or discoloured. It also corrects situations where our teeth have bulges or craters and are uneven and misaligned.

Orthodontic treatments are done to correct improper bites which occur due to irregularity of our teeth or jaw relationships which are uneven and unbalanced. While this specialty deals with dental displacements alone, sometimes it also takes care of modification and the control of facial growth. We can obtain an improved facial shape and profile. Our speech and chewing functions can also be improved by this treatment. Some of us who are suffering from in mouth breathing and lip incompetence can be cured by undertaking these dentistry procedures.

While most of these cosmetic dentistry treatments from Raynesway Dental seem to be similar and appear to give the same results of boosting self-confidence, personality and a great smile, there are a lot of small nuances and finer aspects that only a dentist can use to ascertain how cosmetic dentistry can take care of our different oral needs.

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