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lasik eye surgery Eye Care 

Everything you need to know about lasik eye surgery

What is lasik eye surgery?  You’ve probably heard the term, and thought they had mispronounced “Laser” instead of lasik, but you heard correctly.  Lasik stands for “Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis“.  Long and complicated words, yes.  However, they can be explained in a much simpler way. It’s a simple refractive surgery where a laser is used to reshape the cornea. What is it used for? Lasik eye surgery has a wide range of uses and benefits, but the more common applications of this type of surgery are to treat myopia (nearsightedness),…

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pregnancy diet Women's Health 

A Healthy Pregnancy Diet Is What Makes All The Difference

Are you expecting a baby? What can be a better moment than this? Having a baby inside you simply means that you need to care of yourself and the innocent soul inside you for the complete 9 months. So, the first step towards that caring journey begins with following a healthy, balanced, safe and nutritious pregnancy diet. Let’s read here the dos and don’ts of a healthy pregnancy diet, what to eat and what not to during the pregnancy period. Healthy Pregnancy Diet Dos & Don’ts  Never skip your breakfast…

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Stress And Pregnancy Women's Health 

Stress And Pregnancy: Impact On Infants Mental Health Examined

Giving birth to a child is said to be one of the most amazing parts of a woman’s life, as well as her partner. It is a natural part of life that allows a new human being to develop and enter the world. While it becomes second nature for women who have already experienced giving birth and being pregnant in the past, many new soon-to-be-moms are not aware of how their well-being can affect the wellbeing and health of their child. Almost everything a pregnant woman does will have some…

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hot flashes Women's Health 

How herbs can be beneficial to treat menopause hot flashes

When coming of age, young girls experience a lot of changes in their body. Some of these changes include getting pimples, developing breasts and of course having a period. The female body goes through a cycle where eggs in the reproductive system are released to prepare for infusion with a male sperm cell. When this does not happen, the body releases the eggs through blood, i.e. menstruation. This cycle may feel like it will happen forever, but it won’t! There comes a time when the female body starts producing less…

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Relaxation Mental Health 

Step by Step Home Therapy – Getting the best from Relaxation

Deep relaxation is an excellent way to restore energy and boost your spirit but it does need time and space. Merely telling yourself to relax rarely works, especially if you are feeling overwrought. Relaxation is easy to learn but it does require practice; it may take several sessions to get it right and it helps if you understand how the technique works. It’s all about fooling the system and giving out positive signals that your body is at ease. Relaxed muscles and slow, quiet breathing send calming messages to the…

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Men skin care Men's Health 

Men Skin care Tips – Feel younger

For most of the men, skin care is a just a afterthought. Beyond the shaving face, it is rare for a man to devote time to his face skin. However, proper skin care is very essential. Skin defense against sickness, germs, and diseases. Everyone wants to look and feel younger. Because of aging, our skin loses its elastic nature. Therefore, we develop wrinkles and facial lines. To stop developing wrinkes and other aging signs, proper skin care is important. Men should realize that proper skin care need not take copious…

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Food for Men Fertility Men's Health 

Foods to boost fertility in Men

Nutrition has an important impact on the health of male sperm. Many men suffer from the infertility problems. Every man is expected to produce sperm that can fertilise the female egg but if the sperm produced by a male is below normal conditions, it is known as oligospermia. Poor eating and regular consumption of alcohol, can lower the quantity of sperm, making conception difficult. Eating a rich diet and regular physical exercise help in increasing fertility. There are many foods that are able to increase fertility in men. Upto 40…

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premature ejaculation Men's Health 

Best Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation

What is Premature Ejaculation Premature ejaculation is a state where man discharge semen usually before, or shortly after penetration or before the female partner reaches her climax. It may result in an unsatisfactory sexual experience for both partners. It is also called early ejaculation, premature climax, rapid climax and rapid ejaculation, Premature ejaculation can have a demoralizing effect on both partners. This can increase the anxiety, depression that may contribute to the other health problems too. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common forms of male sexual dysfunction. Causes…

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Kids Oral Health Dental Health 

Best 8 Tips For Your Kids Oral Health

There’s no requirement to wait up until your infant really has teeth to lay structures for excellent dental or basic oral health and wellness. It is up to you to create programs that will certainly assist safeguard your youngster from tooth degeneration as well as various other dental wellness troubles. Begin Correct Oral Health Behaviors ASAP Delicately tidy your baby’s gums as well as recently appearing initial teeth after each feeding with a water-soaked gauze pad to wash around gums as well as teeth. Inspect Your Water If water supply…

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male sexual health Men's Health 

How to Diagnose Men’s Sexual Health Problems?

Men’s sexual health problem is also referred as sexual dysfunction, wherein there is a problem during any of the phases of the sexual response cycle, thus depriving an individual or a couple from experiencing sexual satisfaction. There are four phases of the sexual response cycle and they are: Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm , Resolution. Here is a closer look on the various reasons, symptoms and tests available to diagnose Sexual Health Problems in men. Reason behind Sexual Health Problems: The reasons for sexual dysfunction are many and fall under two main…

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