Juicing Diets & Nutrition 

The Health Benefits of Juicing

With all the health trends out there, it’s hard to know what types of dietary and nutritional practices really benefit one’s health and which are simply passing fads. One practice that has received a lot of attention of late is juicing. At first, it seems like a healthy idea and a way to get more fruits and vegetables into one’s diet. Drinking a glass of nutrient-rich fruit or vegetable juice is quick and convenient, and many juice recipes are quite a bit tastier than a plate of regular steamed vegetables…

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Nutrition Diets & Nutrition 

Ultimate Nutrition Tips You Must Know

Staying fit and healthy is really a no brainer when you think about it. There are really only two things our bodies need to stay fit: regular exercise and proper nutrition. No matter what fad diet or exercise comes along each year, maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise are the two things that everyone needs to know to stay healthy. If you want to stay fit, but don’t know what to do exactly, check out these nutrition tips: Eat at least three meals a day Skipping meals may…

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Lemonade Diet Diets & Nutrition 

Hollywood’s best kept “Lemonade Diet” diet secret

So you need to lose some weight, and you need to lose it fast. You are not alone. Hollywood stars face this dilemma all the time when getting ready for a special occasion, a party, a gala, a wedding, a photo shoot, a red carpet event or anything along the same lines where looking your best and being skinny is absolutely crucial. But how do these stars accomplish such a big task as losing weight on short time tables like for a certain scene in a movie they are shooting…

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