Berry diet: how to lose 2 kg in a week

Berries – it’s just a storehouse of vitamins and biologically active substances. They have since ancient times people were drugs for many diseases. Berries help in the treatment of diabetes, have an anti-tumor effect, lower cholesterol, are indispensable for colds. Many of them are natural antibiotics. Just a couple of handfuls of berries already boosts immunity and protective properties of the organism. At the same time the berries are low calorie, so berry diet in the summer season a great outlet for people who love to eat yummy and dreaming to lose weight.

All berries are rich in vitamin C, having the ability to break down fats. Seven days on the berry diet will cheer up, will add vigor to result in the order of the skin and relieve from at least two kilograms.

The berries, as well as fruits and vegetables, be sure to include in the diet. They are ideal for all porridges, combine well with dairy products, vegetables and fruits are good in the form of juices, compotes, cocktails. The berries are easy to prepare dessert, you can add them to a variety of quiches and pastries, in a word, you can use them in any form. Berries have such a variety of flavors that anyone, even the most pretentious people to food, easy to pick up for yourself a suitable diet based on them. For people who like fruit, fit, fruit and berry diet.

Here are two versions of the diet, helps to lose 2 kg per week, based on all your favorite berries.


The most fragrant, sweet and juicy berries – strawberries, the taste is familiar to all from childhood. Strawberry helps remove excess weight, nourishes the body of folic acid, vitamin C and trace elements. This berry has a low caloric value and it is very useful.

Sitting on the strawberry diet – a pleasure. The essence of the diet – eat in a day kilogram of berries for four or five receptions. Bread for the week is eliminated from the diet. But it contains 1% yogurt, skim milk, boiled chicken breast, vegetables and fruits, olive oil, yogurt, oatmeal, low-fat cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, honey, a little nuts. Sausage products, canned goods, baked goods are excluded. Equally important is to drink plenty – this berry fruit drinks, fruit drinks, mineral water, herbal teas without sugar.

Sample menu for one day

Morning – cottage cheese, strawberries, yogurt.

Day – a salad of boiled breast, strawberries and mint with lemon dressing.

Evening – fish, steamed vegetables, fruit, juice.

During the day, allowed snacks – fruit with natural yoghurt. Please note that the strawberry is contraindicated for people with diseases of the stomach, joints, high blood pressure and allergies.


There are few people who do not like cherries. And when it comes to the season, a sin not to take advantage of it and not to lose a few kilos. Cherry is not only a good friend of the figure, this medical berry, it cleanses the body, normalizes the liver, kidneys and helps with skin diseases.

The diet is based on the use of 1.5 kg of berries every day for a week. Excluded salting, smoking, alcohol, fried, sugar, potatoes.

Sample menu for one day

Morning – cherry, a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Day – 150g of boiled meat or fish, cherry.

Evening – vegetable salad with olive oil, fruit, a glass of kefir.

Snacks – sweet cherries with natural yoghurt. During the day, drink plenty of water, tea, infusion of rose hips.Cherry diet is not recommended for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcers).

During any berry diet is desirable to use compotes. They are prepared simply. In a saucepan put any berries, rosehips or hawthorn, add, pour boiling water, leave for the night. In the morning you get a delicious, full of vitamins, invigorating drink.

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