Onion soup diet: 5 kg in one week

Onion soup diet – one of the best ways to lose weight in a matter of days. Modern women know thousands of diets. Some of them involve food intake in a strictly set aside for this watch, others are advised to eat only certain foods – not always available and cheap, others are a real test of will, because using such a diet, we have to constantly feel a sense of insatiable hunger. Diet with onion soup can not be called starvation, it is possible at any time during the day, in sufficient quantity.

Onion soup recipe for slimming

Soup Diet is organized according to the following system: for a week in food used special soup. There can be an unlimited number of times until it reached satiety. Calorie onion soup is low in principle, and in addition it contains foods that break down fats and cleanses the body. Someone diet can seem daunting because of its monotony. However, the taste of the soup can be changed by using different spices and tomato sauces. In addition, this system involves the use of other products – on certain days.

So those interested in such a diet for weight loss, onion soup can be prepared by the following recipe:

  • a head of a medium-sized cabbage
  • kilo of onions
  • 5-6 fresh tomatoes or 700 g canned
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 green peppers
  • celery beam
  • parsley.

All ingredients must be cut and put in a deep pan. Content is poured five liters of water and boil until the cabbage is not softened. The basis for the soup can be a vegetable broth. Itself a diet designed for a week, but if you need a more serious result, it can be extended.

During each meal, you must first eat a bowl of soup. A meal can complement a variety of products – depending on the diet of the day.

  1. On the first day allowed to eat fruit. The exceptions were bananas, grapes and other sweet fruits. You can drink tea, coffee and juices without sugar.
  2. The second day – vegetable. You can eat as raw vegetables, as well as heat-treated: boiled or stewed. We’ll have to give up the potatoes and beans. However, you can treat yourself to dinner two potatoes, baked with a drop of vegetable oil.
  3. The third day combines the recommendations of the first and second. Potatoes should be deleted.
  4. The fourth day involves a vegetable menu. But it is possible to add two bananas and a glass of low fat milk.
  5. On the fifth day, you can eat tomatoes, boiled fish, beef or chicken – no more than 500 grams
  6. Sixth day – lean beef and green vegetables.
  7. Seventh day – fruit and vegetables, combined with brown rice. It can also add to the soup.

Onion soup for weight loss reviews which prove its efficacy, allows discharge of up to 800 g per day of excess weight. Thus, on this diet you can get rid of five kilos per week only!  Plus it also in the fact that she had practically no contraindications. Sticking to this power system can be pregnant women, people with heart disease and gastrointestinal tract. Cleansing the body it is combined with the intake of healthy foods, and it is – a solid benefit. When the desired result is achieved, the lost weight does not come back. Of course, provided that there will be moderate in the future power supply, correct, and lifestyles – healthy and mobile.


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