Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas vs. Traditional Saunas

Traditional and infrared sauna cabins are two completely different systems. They resemble on the outside, because of their wood cabin, but their performance differs due to temperature and humidity. And although both improve our health and general mood through perspiration, both the usage, as well as the cause of sweating, are entirely dissimilar.

Infrared Sauna – A sauna without heat

The best thing of the infrared sauna is that it does not present any contraindication. For this reason, everyone can benefit from this wonderful invention. Precautions are necessary only for the hypertensive and those who suffer from cardiovascular disease. Infrared saunas are ideal for people who cannot stand the heat, since it emits invisible rays which heat our body directly, without increasing the room’s temperature. In an infrared sauna the temperatures are much lower (40-60 degrees) than those of a traditional Finnish sauna (80-100 degrees).

For the fact that it features a low temperature, infrared sauna is considered to be pleasant and refreshing. And since it is able to directly heat the skin, muscles and our entire body, the sweat caused by this type of sauna is more intense than a traditional one, which helps us in eliminating toxins better.

The infrared rays are transmitted throughout the entire body with the help of some radiators. Infrared heat is a type of light which resembles, but does not contain, sunlight’s ultraviolet. In nature, infrared is the widest spread wave, which provides a warmness feeling stronger than any other wave. Like with normal light, infrared rays can travel through air, water and glass, but they cannot surpass solid objects.

The main benefits of infrared saunas vs traditional saunas:

Treats muscle pain

Infra-therapy features antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Infrared light ensures a better, more through penetration of the skin which can easily treat muscles pain, even when the temperature in the sauna is not very high. Infrared light effectiveness has been proven not only in treating muscle and joint pain, but also in ameliorating rheumatism, fibromyalgia and heavy legs syndrome.

Eliminates toxins

During a sauna session the blood circulation is greatly accelerated, thus increasing the activity of diaphoretic glands which help our body to eliminate toxins, pollution, nicotine, sodium and cholesterol. All these toxins are eliminated through the skin during the perspiration process.

Skin care

Toxins found on the inside are also visible on the outside. When exposed to infrared light, skin pores become cleaner and regain their luminosity and suppleness. Dry or hardened skin segments are treated even after the first session, becoming much smoother and softer. Infrared sauna cleanses the skin in-depth, treating acne and eczema, and restoring our skin’s elasticity.

Helps you lose weight

A 30-minute session of sauna results in a loss of 600 – 900 calories, the equivalent of a marathon race. Infra-therapy promotes better weight control, eliminates cellulite, and repairs the tissues affected by fat.

Improves the immune system

Infrared rays can quickly increase our body heat, leading to the creation of an artificial fever which activates our immune system. Thus, the body increases its resistance to diseases and strengthens its overall endurance.

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