7 Tips On Applying Makeup When You Have A Sensitive Skin

A woman with sensitive skin is always doubly careful, as she has to be cautious about many makeup dos and don’ts. If you happen to possess sensitive skin, the problem of inflammation on skin must be quite frequent with you. This makes the choice of using cosmetics very narrow for you. However,if you pursue certain basic makeup rules, you could apply makeup safely, every day on your skin without getting those red rashes or breakouts; yes, even when your skin is extra delicate. On the contrary, these tips or rules can help to neutralize skin redness, improve your skin allergies, and also protect your skin from external infections. As for you, you can attain that perfectly beautiful look which you so wished to have!

Sensitive SkinThe 7 Basic makeup tips for sensitive skin are:

1: Stay safe with Mineral Cosmetics

An essential makeup tip for those with sensitive skin is to opt for mineral cosmetics. Today, mineral cosmetics are available in a wide rangeand suit all budgets. Moreover mineral cosmetics are a safe bet for you as they are devoid of ingredients like preservatives or parabens which cause inflammation on the skin.

2: Use Testers first

Before you commit to buy a new makeup product, it is a good idea to try its tester sample.Most cosmetic counters will oblige you by making the makeup testers available for you to try. And do make sure to try out a clean tester lest anyone else has used it with dirty fingers.

3: Ingredients Matter

It is not easy for you to pinpoint the exact ingredient that is irritating your sensitive skin. It may be a single ingredient or a blend of them. However, there are few components that are more likely to causeallergic reactions on sensitive skin. You may avoid makeup products that contain fragrances, certain essential oils, preservatives and even sodium lauryl sulphate.

4: Choose your Makeup Range Wisely

A wise bet for you is to choose a premium makeup range that is particularly aimed at sensitive skin. Choose hypoallergenic products or those that are dermatologically tested. However even such labels do not guarantee a safety for your sensitive skin BUT they are a good start.All this trial and error can be surely frustrating and discouraging. You may end up spending more time tending to your inflamed skin and returning the makeup products rather than doing other important tasks in your life!

Sadly enough industry standards for the hypoallergenic skin care products are yet to be set.Natural skin care products for sensitive skin may be a better option, however even they have essential oils and some herbs to which you may be allergic.

While some of these products are fine and can calm down skin inflammation,much depends on your unique body, and the type of allergies you may be susceptible to.Hence a patient and wise approach while choosing your hypoallergenic makeup product is crucial.

5: Ensure to keep away from Expired Products

However tempting it may be for you to use a much-loved makeup product until its last residual scrap, it surely makes sense to be wary about its expiry date. It is common to find the expiry date on the product labels Check them and keep yourself safe.

6: Less is better

Since sensitive skin is easily provoked, it’s best to keep your everyday skincare routine simple: All you need are the basic cleanser, moisturizer, and a sunscreen. Check the ingredient list on your makeup packaging.  The more the number of ingredients, the greater are the chances for anyone ingredient to flare up a reaction. Choose only those with simpler formulations

7: Makeup for Exclusive occasion

As a final note, never wait to test out a new makeup product just prior to attending a special occasion. You never would want to sport an irritated skin at the party or wedding venue. Try the product well in advance and have enough time to check out for an allergic reaction.

Thus, there are many approaches to dealing with sensitive skin. With some trial and error you can ultimately find a makeup range that suits your receptive skin. Just pay heed to your makeup products and they will take care of you and your beauty!

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