How To Keep Your Skin Glowing During The Chilly Winter Season

When it comes to achieving a dewy, youthful glow, we don’t often think of our winter complexions. It’s no secret that winter weather—both indoors and outdoors—can wreak havoc on our delicate skin.  Our once-smooth summer complexions often give way to dryer, rougher patches and chapped lips. But have no fear, women of winter. Glowing, moisturized dreams really can come true – even in colder weather.

Spending these months where the days are short and the nights are dark and dreary forlornly looking at people whose skin naturally appears bright and luminous can be…depressing. Some people (ahem, celebrities who live in L.A.) look as though they’re lit from within. But have no fear! It is totally possible for a person to get that summertime glow with just a few tips and tricks.

Real Talk: Winter and Your Skin

Maybe your skin gets a little scaly, with a rough patch. Or maybe you feel like a straight-up White Walker from Game of Thrones. Either way, winter most likely has a direct effect on your complexion. From whipping winds outside to dry, hot air inside, we all say goodbye to our warm weather glow and hello to a whole new skincare routine come winter time.

As luck would have it, you actually don’t need to wait for the nicer weather to get your healthy glow back! There are a few easy skin care routine adjustments and additions you can start incorporating to revive your complexion ASAP.

Girl, Get Your Glow Back

Glowing skin starts with a gulp – Drinking plenty of water is just as vital during the winter months as it is when you’re sweating out the summer. The importance and benefits to hydration cannot be stressed enough. Proper hydration keeps skin cells healthy and nourished.

Safe, sensitivity-friendly soap – Most conventional, chemical-based soaps can be harsh on skin, stripping the epidermis of natural oils and moisture. You could try something milder, like castile soaps.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize-  Mild moisturizers offer the most amount of benefits to your dry skin. Coconut oil is full of vitamins and fatty acids that moisturize amazingly. If you’re worried about feeling greasy, just use it sparingly and rub it in well.

Try a mask-  There is a mask for every skin concern. You can try a popular sheet mask, or you can use an overnight mask. Simply apply it before bed, and you will wake up with more hydrated and luminous skin.

Shorten your shower time- During cold weather, standing directly under a steaming hot shower can feel like heaven. But hot water reduces the skin’s protective oils, resulting in drying effects on your skin. If you like your showers hot, keep them short.

Your new best friend: a humidifier- If you’ve got your heat on full blast in an attempt to keep winter outside while you stay cozy inside, no judgement. Just be aware that your indoor air is probably very dry. Use a cool-air humidifier to moisturize the air, especially at night while you sleep.

Try a luminizing foundation-  Your skin care products will be brightening up your face, but if you want to look less like a ghoul, trade your regular foundation for a luminizing one. If you prefer to use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, you should be able to find a suitable one in a brightening formula.

Your winter glow is as easy as one, two, highlighter-  A few well-placed swipes of highlighter can immediately perk up any dull complexion.

Go Forth And Glow

Look, not everyone can jet off to a tropical island in the middle of winter for a quick dose of Vitamin D and moisturizing beach air to remember what it feels like to get our glow on. Some of us have to do the best we can with what we’ve got during the months of December, January, and February (and, if we’re being honest, March).

These tips are simple to start incorporating into your skincare routine, but the most important thing is to just be cognizant of your changing complexion. Pay attention to any subtle changes in your skin, and change up your products and routine accordingly. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have to be the only one with gorgeous, ethereal skin year-round!

If you’re worried about old man winter really dulling up your glow for good, talk to your dermatologist about the best option for you.

Article Summary:

The whipping winter winds outside combined with dry heat inside can wreak havoc on your skin. If you’re missing your dewy, summertime glow, you’re not alone! Get your glow back with these simple tips and tricks to soothe your winter skin.

Alana Mitchell

Alana Mitchell is the day spa owner at Skincare by Alana, beauty/skincare expert and licensed esthetician. Skincare by Alana is a popular online skincare shop for famous brands like Rhonda Allison, June Jacobs and many more,. She doesn't believe in beauty products that are not tried and researched, rather she is excited about natural organic day spa treatments that actually work. When she is not busy with her website or her day spa in Dana Pointe she enjoys being with her family and newborn son.

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