Know the Life Stages of a Tooth and Ways to Ensure Oral Health

Do you love to smile but find it difficult due to poor oral health? When the oral hygiene of a person is good, he is able to taste all the pleasures of life in a confident way and when it vanishes, it becomes way hard to smile. Tooth’s hygiene is hence indeed very important for every individual.

Tooth too has different life stages including Dentin, Root, Enamel, Pulp, and Root Bud, where dentin is the inner layer, root is the part that secures the tooth into the jaw, enamel is the outer layer of the tooth, pulp is a part inside containing the nerve, and tooth bud is the combination of the cells at the end of the dental lamina. These stages come in the life of a tooth when the birth of a tooth takes place.

Furthermore, there comes the different birth stages of a tooth such as birth stage that includes birth soon after six months of conception. The second stage is the cap stage where the positioning of cells starts to take place. The third stage is the Bell Stage when the tooth gets matured and gets developed into a bell shaped organ. The fourth stage is the crown stage or the baby teeth stage where the baby teeth take place in smaller size. This stage particularly takes place at the age between six to eight. The fifth stage is the Permanent teeth stage that when the baby tooth transforms into a mature tooth and becomes permanent in the jaw. The sixth and the final stage is the older tooth stage where the cavities in the dentin are more common.

When the tooth develops completely, it becomes very important to provide utmost oral care to it. This includes taking care of tooth in different stages. For instance, if there is a newborn in your family, then it is important to ensure that your baby receives enough fluoride. If your kid is in the toddler stage, then you must aid him or her to brush and fossil the teeth twice a day. In addition to this, make your child at what time the brushing and flossing is to be done on regular basis. If you are in a young age, then it is wise to have control on sticky snacks or starchy foods. Make sure you do not get involved into any bad lifestyle habits such as smoking which is very dangerous to your oral health. If you are a senior and you want to ensure that your teeth are healthy then brushing twice a day is equally important for you too. In addition to this, in a senior age, it is advisable to have professional dental cleanings and check-ups.

No matter which age or stage are you in, taking care of oral health is imperative for everyone. However, providing utmost care in the early stage ensures that your teeth are healthy throughout your lifetime.

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