Calamari or Fish Oil: Which Will Beget You More Benefit?

There have been studies that look out for diet trend all over the world. It has been found out that over the years, people’s diet has come into worse from bad. More than the truth, there is the imbalance between the right nutrients and the acids that our body needs that our daily food and diet provide.

Calamari and Fish: the Common Denominator

The common Denominator between the two is its long time benefit for your diet—omega 3. Omega 3 can be found in both, in calamari and fish oils. Fish oil though has gained quite recognition already as it has become more popular in the past compared to the former, the calamari.

But with newer researches coming out, there are new a study that may help support and denounce some old believes in the medical world.

Benefits of Omega 3

So as said, omega 3 can be found in several sources. Most of the time it can be found in nuts, fishes and in calamari or squids. But incorporating these diets daily in the diet may not be possible nor cost friendly. Because of that people turns to supplements which packs a more compact source of omega 3.

Daily intake or integration of omega 3 in one’s diet is proven beneficial to lower cardiovascular diseases incidence. It also helps improve brain development among kids. It supports the brain, the eyes and the heart.

Calamari or Fish?

First, pitting them together is the best possible way to come up with the conclusion.

Omega 3 is present among the two but then it has been found out that calamari has been containing more than the fish ones. Calamari or squid oil has also been found to be more ecologically sustainable. Calamari is also been found out to have higher does f DHA which is very essential to mothers and babies in their formative years.

Omega 3 is known to help in growth and development of the body, prevent cardiovascular diseases. It also prevents eye or macular degeneration.

This may sound that calamari is winning already, but yes, it is. Newer studies also found out that many people tend to dislike the fishy aftertaste of supplements from fish oil, so that’s a no no. Calamari is even found to be environmentally resilient.

Though credit to fish oil should be given, it has been supporting the omega 3 supplementing for diets for a long time. Since then it has helped a lot of people already.

The Verdict

Fish oil has proven itself, but calamari seems to find its footing already as it has been preferred by more consumers already. So in terms of the omega 3 composition, its environmental friendliness and resiliency, it’s no aftertaste and lesser tablets to take, we would give it to calamari.

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