7 Treadmill Exercises You Should Use To Lose Weight

For decades the treadmill has been a staple when it comes to investing in exercise equipment. However, most people are not maximizing the treadmill’s potential for helping them lose weight. You lose weight on a treadmill by moving faster on it. The more a person weighs usually equals the more calories burned via the treadmill. The best treadmill workouts are ones that go at a pace that can leave you slightly out of breath.

If you want to lose weight on a treadmill, you have to vary your workouts. You cannot stick to one routine. Shake it up a little bit. To help you, here are seven treadmill exercises you should use to weight loss.

1. Intensity Builder Workout

If your goal is to lose weight and build muscle, this workout is perfect for you.

This workout is a total of 25 minutes long.

For Beginners, use the time intervals with the specified speed.
1-4 minutes: Speed 3
4-7 minutes: Speed 4
7-9 minutes: Speed 5
9-10 minutes: Speed 6
10-13 minutes: Speed 4
13-15 minutes: Speed 5
15-16 minutes: Speed 6
16-19 minutes: Speed 4
19-21 minutes: Speed 5
21-22 minutes: Speed 6
22-25 minutes: Speed 3

2. Interval Training Workout

An interval workout is when you do short bursts of exercises followed by bursts of a different type of exercise. On a treadmill, you can do an interval training workout by varying your speed and incline. The best interval workouts consist of 2.8 to 3 miles on distance on the treadmill. You start with a warm up mile that is walked at a speed around 6. After you finish that mile, move the speed to 8 for a quarter of a mile. Take a rest break by moving the speed to 3.5 for .05 miles. Next, move the speed back up to 8 and walk for another .25 miles. Rest and repeat.

At the end, you should have completed six intervals at a speed of 8. Once you have mastered this, move the speed up during your short bursts. You can switch up this exercise and run instead of walk during some of the intervals. You can extend the time of the intervals. This all up to you and how much weight you want to lose.

3. Walk-Jog Workout

You can burn up to 300 calories if you mix jogging and walking together. If you use high intervals with high speeds and add slow running to this routine, you can lose up to 500 calories a day in less than 40 minutes on a treadmill. You only have to do this exercise 4-5 times a week to lose 1/2 pound a week.

Note: This treadmill exercise is not for beginners.

4. Ramp It Up

Use the ramp to build stronger leg muscles. You can start using the incline with 20-minute workouts. After five minutes into the workout, increase your speed by at least 2. This exercise is great for helping you burn off fat and getting your overall heart rate up.

5. Better Body Workout

This twenty-minute workout will help you shed the fat and strengthen your lower body.

1-3 minutes: Speed 3, Incline 1
3- 3:30 minutes: Speed 3.5, Incline 2
3:30-4 minutes: Speed 3.5, Incline 4
4-4:30 minutes: Speed 3.5, Incline 6
4:30-5 minutes: Speed 3.5, Incline 7
5-6 minutes: Speed 4, Incline 1
7-7:30 minutes: Speed 4.5, Incline 2
7:30-8 minutes: Speed 4.5, Incline 4
8-8:30 minutes: Speed 4.5, Incline 6
8:30-9 minutes: Speed 4.5, Incline 7
9-10 minutes: Speed 3.5, Incline 1
10-11 minutes: Speed 6, Incline 1
11-12 minutes: Speed 3.5, Incline 1
12-12:30 minutes: Speed 5, Incline 2
12:30-13 minutes: Speed 5, Incline 4
13-13:30 minutes: Speed 5, Incline 6
13:30-14 minutes: Speed 5, Incline 7
14-16 minutes: Speed 3.5, Incline 1
16-17 minutes: Speed 6, Incline 1
17-20 minutes: Speed 3, Incline 1

6. Treadmill Exercise

This exercise starts with a warm up. You walk easily, then start to walk at a brisk pace for 3 minutes. Now, Power walk for 2 minutes. Run fast, do not sprint for 2 minutes. Now, repeat steps one and two six times. The cooldown period consists of you walking easy for 3 minutes.

7. 45 Minute Fat Burn

This exercise can help you burn a little over 400 calories in 45 minutes. The incline should be set to one.

0-5 minutes: Speed 5
5-10 minutes: Speed 6
10-12 minutes: Speed 7
12-15 minutes: Speed 6
15-17 minutes: Speed 7.5
17-20 minutes: Speed 6
20-22 minutes: Speed 8
22-25 minutes: Speed 6
25-27 minutes: Speed 7.5
27-30 minutes: Speed 6.5
30-32 minutes: Speed 8
32-35 minutes: Speed 6.5
35-37 minutes: Speed 8
37-40 minutes: Speed 6.5
40-45 minutes: Speed 5

Make the most out of your treadmill. For less than an hour a day, you can burn the calories you need to reach your weight goal. Get on the treadmill 4-5 times a week. Switch it up and rotate using these seven exercises. It is the best way to lose your desired weight. Now, get to walking or jogging.


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