Tips for Maintaining Good Eyesight and Eye Health

It is a known fact that good eyesight always plays an important role in anyone’s life and therefore it is vital that you follow some of the following health tips in order to keep your eyes healthy.

–        No matter how busy you are, get your eyes tested on a regular basis. You should visit your optometrist at least once every two years or even more. Sometimes frequent visits are advised depending on your eye condition. Having regular tests can help detect various problems with your eyes or vision which can include glaucoma as well as health issues such as diabetes that effect your vision. It is advised that you seek medical advice if you experience any sort of eye infection or symptom such as blurred or loss of vision, eye pain, light flashes, swelling, irritation, redness or even itching.

–          Protect your eyes from the sun whenever it’s possible. If you are under constant exposure to the sun rays which is also known as UV (Ultraviolet) exposure, it can seriously damage your eyes. Too much of exposure to the sun will increase pigmentation in your eyes, which will be the cause for discolouration known as sunshine or brown cataract. Eye diseases such as macular degeneration are also linked to UV rays. A healthy practice would be to buy a good quality sun glass that ensures proper UV protection.

–          A fact that many of you tend to disregard are eye diseases. It has been stated that a number of eye diseases are the main cause for blindness while they include diabetes and glaucoma. Progression of the eye disease can be slowed or treated with better health management and also proper diagnosis. There have been some medical advances when it comes to age related macular degeneration, cataracts as well as glaucoma and visiting your optometrists on a regular basis can help you detect these issues at an earlier stage which might be easier to treat.

–       Make sure that you wear protective eyewear and gear when working or engaging in various sports that might be hazardous to your eyes and vision. Wearing safety glasses and protective goggles when working with dangerous materials can reduce the risk of various eye injuries that might occur. If you are not properly geared up, there might be a possibility where you can have impaired vision or complete loss of vision.

Visions problems can also be prevented by following some simple steps.

–          If there is a family history with any type of eye problem, get to know the facts

–          Have regular eye examinations

–          Maintain a healthy lifestyle

–          Avoid hazards such as bright lights and fireworks

–          Quit smoking for better eyesight

–         Eat well and healthy for good vision. (e.g. green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, oily fish such as tuna and salmon, non-meat protein sources such as eggs, nuts and beans as well as citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons)

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