How to Cure Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Pregnancy morning sickness is one of the most common complaints, particularly during the first trimester. There are countless women seeking proper help to relieve morning sickness and enjoy this beautiful stage of their life.

How to cure morning sickness is a common question that every pregnant woman asks herself. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to prevent the condition and feel better about it. There are certain factors that trigger the symptoms of morning sickness. These triggers could be certain odors, flavors or even certain flowers or fragrances. It is very important to identify the triggers first in order to cure morning sickness.

Prevent Nausea by Recognizing the Triggers

Morning sickness triggers need not necessarily be foods; it could be smells, flavors or anything else. There are certain things that aggravate the nausea and vomiting tendency. Just identify the same and avoid them as much as you can. Some of the common triggers in this context could be greasy or spicy foods, fried foods, foods containing added scents or flavors, strong perfumes or fragrances, cigarette smoke etc.

It isn’t that every pregnant woman would be having the same triggers; it different from one woman to another. Some pregnant woman also develops disliking for certain foods, particularly non-vegetarian items during their pregnancy. It is better to avoid them or try complementing them in some other way.

Foods that Could Bring Relief

Women during their pregnancy are usually given bland foods to prevent indigestion, foods like pretzels, mashed potatoes etc. These foods are healthy and they don’t interfere with your digestive system. Eat smaller meals frequently to allow proper digestion. Include proteins in all your meals to avoid morning sickness as it helps in regulating your blood sugar levels that often contributes to nausea.

Another effective remedy to pregnancy nausea is ginger. Ginger ale or ginger lollipops are often made for pregnant woman having morning sickness. Foods containing ginger or ginger cookies can as well be increasingly helpful for easing nausea.

Vitamins are often considered to be a great help for pregnancy nausea. However, there are some women who simply cannot take the daily doses of vitamins as it further worsens their morning sickness symptoms. This is often resulted due to the increased levels of iron contained in these supplements. In these cases, it is better to take the supplements at night before retiring to bed. It is also true that increasing the consumption of vitamin B6 is the perfect way to cure morning sickness. There are certain foods that contain vitamin B6 too, such as avocado and banana. These could be better options than any ordinary supplement.

Some Other Options

During pregnancy, different women have different complications. Whilst some of these complications might subside on its own, some are very difficult to treat and get rid of. When making dietary changes and other modifications doesn’t help, women prefer to switch over to other effective options like meditation and yoga.

With yoga and meditating techniques the body is made to relax and your mind settles down too. Also, there are certain scents that seem to be pleasing during pregnancy. The smell of peppermint oil or lemons is actually soothing and they bring relief.

Try out your own ways to cure morning sickness, but first recognize the triggers that lead to nausea.

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