Methods of Hemorrhoid Treatments

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood veins in the anal or rectum canal. These swollen blood vessels can be present externally as well as internally. External hemorrhoids cause itching, pain and bleeding. Internal hemorrhoids may fall out from through the anus. Even though they are quite painful, hemorrhoids are easily treated and curable. Hemorrhoid treatments are categorized in two types.

1. Non Surgical treatment for hemorrhoids:

The non surgical procedures for hemorrhoid treatment are termed as fixative procedures. These procedures are usually tried out and given a chance before surgery. They are applicable to cases where only small hemorrhoids are exposed externally after a bowel movement and then they return to a normal position after a short time.

Procedures that come under the category of non surgical treatment for hemorrhoids include tying a rubber band around the hemorrhoid and using electric current, heat and lasers to cut the flow of blood to the hemorrhoid. This shrinks the hemorrhoid and it eventually goes away. The scar tissue left behind prevents more hemorrhoids from developing. These non surgical procedures are still needed to be performed by a qualified doctor. The many other hemorrhoid treatment options that may be tried at home include:

  • Special medication intake to help in the softening of stool. These medicines are usually used as preventives rather than as treatments. This is because they may cause infections to the rectum region if a hemorrhoid is already developed.
  • Proper diet intake plays a vital role in the treatment for hemorrhoids. Increased intake of fluids and fiber are proven to help in the digestion of foods. This decreases the likelihood of constipation, which is a major cause for minor hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoid patients usually have a lot of pain while sitting. There are special ‘soft seats’ or cushions that a hemorrhoid patient may use to sit on comfortably. This reduces pain to a great level.
  • Regular exercising is a complete package to help in a person’s health issues. Proper exercises designed to reduce the pressure of the veins in the rectum region are beneficial for hemorrhoid treatment.
  • A very popular hemorrhoid treatment is the use of ointments and behind-the-counter drugs. These are usually pain relievers and do not serve the purpose of long term hemorrhoid treatment.
  • Warm baths combined with special herbs like ginger lilies, are another popular choice for treatment of hemorrhoids.

2. Surgical Treatment for hemorrhoids:

The surgical hemorrhoid treatment is termed as hemorrhoidectomy. This procedure is opted when there is a large internal hemorrhoid present in addition to several other smaller hemorrhoids. This procedure is also necessary in the case where other treatments for hemorrhoid could not control bleeding.

The use of the proper treatment is the key to the complete cure to Hemorrhoids. There are several options available but the best method to adopt can only be determined by finding out the root cause of the problem. Instead of just trying to relieve the pain, proper treatment options should be discussed with a health professional.

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