Simple Mental Exercises to Strengthen the Brain

Over the past several decades, people thought that the only way to learn new things and strengthen their brain was to study new topics, read new books, and spend a lot of time in school. However, several neuroscientists have found many different options to strengthen the brain and develop a more coherent thought process by doing just a few simple tasks on a regular basis. There are several different smart phone applications that have these tasks or it is easy to find them online or buy video games that function the same way.

Changing your daily routine

One of the simplest mental exercises that anyone can do is to make small changes to their daily routine. Whether you work in an office, at home, on a boat, or you’re a stay-at-home parent there are little things you can do every day to change your daily routine. By changing your daily routine you will be able to change the way your brain functions and operates, allowing your brain to use new or different strategies, which keeps your brain thinking more effectively and opens up aspects of your brain that you may not normally use on a daily basis. The easiest way to change your daily routine is simply to change the route you take to and from work each day if that’s the lifestyle you have. This will force your brain to think a little bit more creatively and exercise other parts of your brain on a daily basis. Also, you will feel fresh when you get to work and you will find yourself able to work easier and successfully, which will certainly make you feel better during the day.

Play Sudoku

Sudoku may seem like a simple game that’s a waste of time, but actually it is specifically designed to work your brain both mathematically and creatively. It’s also a lot of fun and quite relaxing. Sudoku was designed by the Japanese; it wasn’t known until recently, when a Japanese neuroscientist analyzed the game, how effective it actually is to exercise your brain. Because the game is based on logic, it exercises the analytic aspects of your brain. On the other hand, it is essentially a number crossword, which forces your brain to think creatively in order to find a solution. If you’re looking for a great way to exercise your brain, brew a cup of coffee, sit down in a relaxing place, and play some Sudoku.

Other Exercises to Try

There are many other exercises and games to try that you can find online or buy as applications for a smartphone or tablet. There are many different games that will help you exercise your brain, but most of them are timed and sometimes can be stressful. It’s best to try these games and then play Sudoku for a little while after you try them. One of the games that you can try is a game that asks you to solve as many simple mathematics problems in a minute. These games usually start with subtraction and addition and then move onto multiplication and division as you get better. Another game that is often used is to be given words in different colors that spell out colors, but you are supposed to choose the color of the word, not the color that the word is spelling. For instance, for the word “Yellow,” you would say black because it is written in black.

Using these simple exercises on a daily basis for even just a half an hour a day will help you think more clearly and exercise parts of your brain that you may not use most of the time.

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