How To Maintain A Healthy Weight

You do a lot of hard workouts and eat a specific type of diet for getting rid of fats and achieving a particular level of your weight. It feels awesome when you look into the mirror and find a person who is fit and slim as you always thought yourself to be. After reducing weight, another big challenge is to maintain your weight to that level.

Here are some tips to maintain the level after losing weight:

1. People tend to follow the same diet routine as they use to before heir dieting process. This is where you need to stop and follow the diet that you need to maintain your weight. You should start by adding little more calories to your present plan. If you were consuming say 1000 calories a day for your weight loss program, you can start by adding about 200 to 250 calories to your diet.

2. Measure your weight after 6 – 7 days and see if you have the same weight or you have lost. If you are still losing weight, you can add another 300 calories to your diet. Distribute these calories uniformly. Again measure your weight after 6 days. If you are maintaining the weight, then you should continue with the same amount of calories in your diet daily.

3. You can reduce your calories intake if you think your weight is increasing a little. Measure your weight at least once a week to monitor any change.

4. You can have little chunks of your favorite ice creams or chocolates. Always remember to take just small pieces and keep your calories intake within the range.

5. Do cardio 2 – 3 times a week for about 20 minutes at a time. This will ensure that extra calories you eat get burned and you stay in shape.

6. Drink about the same amount of water as you use to drink while you were losing weight i.e. about 8 glasses a day. Water is very important for overall body health as well as skin.

7. Stay away from mental stress or depression. Tensions make you feel down, so you become physically inactive at that time. This leads to increase the body weight. Stay happy and active.

8. Swimming twice a week for about 20 – 30 minutes is also very good to keep your body tones and metabolically active. This burns the extra fats in the body and keeps you fit.

9. Add more fruits and green vegetables to your food. They will always help you to get an appropriate amount of nutrients. High fiber and low calories ensure no extra addition of calories, just great health.

10. Stay away from fried foods. Junk foods or all other foods that contain unhealthy fats. Instead add foods with healthy fats like nuts, olives etc. as the body requires healthy fats for its optimal functioning.

11. Always remember to carry out sliced fruits or nuts with you whenever you go out of the home for 2 – 3 hours. So, that whenever you feel hungry, you get healthy fruit and not unwanted calories.

12. Stop smoking or drinking as smokers tend to pick up weight more quickly than the normal person. Also, smoking increases the risk of cancer such as lung cancer. Excess drinking can add a lot of calories to your body. Some people tend to eat a lot after drinking. This is really bad as it will quickly get you out of shape again.

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