Negative Effects of Obesity

Major Negative Effects of Obesity includes physical health problems as well as loss of self-confidence of a person. The major cause of obesity is our modern day lifestyle. Lack of physical activities and availability of every resource online while sitting at home have major contribution to the obesity factor. Professionals and employees are so busy in building up their carrier that they do not have time even to look where their tummy is going. Obesity is not good in no ways and can cause major health problems.

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Some Negative Effects Of Obesity:

1. Effects of Obesity on blood pressure: Additional fat tissues developed in a person needs a proper regular supply of oxygen and the nutrients to stay alive. These nutrients and oxygen are carried by blood stream through arteries in the body. With the rise in the number of fat tissue in the body and requires more blood to be circulated through the blood vessels to these fat tissues. This makes your heart work hard as heart needs to pump more and more blood through vessels and puts more pressure on the walls of the arteries. This increases the heart rate and raises the blood pressure of the body.

2. Diabetes: “Obesity” leads to diabetes. Insulin is the hormone that is generated inside the body. Insulin regulates the blood sugar level. Obesity leads to the irregular generation of insulin that raises the blood sugar level and causes diabetes.

3. Heart disease: Obese people are more prone to heart problems. Obese people are 10 times more prone to Atherosclerosis than the normal people. Diseases like Coronary artery disease are found among obese people. This leads to narrowing the blood path in arteries due to deposition of fats in them. This leads to reduction of blood flow from body parts to heart. It can lead to pain in chest or strokes and even heart attacks.


4. Osteoarthritis and joint pain: Other Negative Effects of Obesity includes pain in the joints line knees, hips and back. Since Obesity increases the weight of the body, so there is always a stress on these joints due to extra body weight. So, obese people may feel continuous pain in their joints and sometimes finds it difficult to get up or rise up their body.

5. Respiratory problems: Obese people often complain about improper sleeping throughout the night. This happens due to the presence of extra fat weight added to the walls of the chest squeezes the lungs and restricts the body from proper and complete breathing. This stops the obese person from breathing for small periods of times and so it interrupts sleep over the night. This is called as sleep arena and also leads the problems like snoring and feeling lazy and sleepy throughout the day.

6. Cancer: Obesity can be more dangerous in case of women. Women who are overweight are more likely to get affected by cancers like gallbladder, uterus, colon and breast cancer. Obese males are more prone to diseases like colon and prostate cancers.

7. Studies shows that females who are overweight or obese have lower chances of getting pregnant as compared to the females having normal body weight. When obese women becomes pregnant, there are more likely to face problems like increase in the rate of hypertensive disease, infections and are more at risk of gestational diabetes. Obesity may lead to respiratory complications among women. Even children born to the obese mothers have twice more risk of congenital heart defects and other birth defects. They may grow obese during their childhood.

So, in order to stay healthy, you must maintain good body weight. If you are overweight, consult fitness trainer. Get your daily diet pattern designed by the professional and follow a good workout routine. Remember, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a happy life.

So, always take healthy diets to avoid above mentioned negative effects of obesity.

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