The amazing benefits of herbal tea

Personal trainers, doctors and nutritionists, all believe that a cup of herbal tea offers you a number of benefits. From simple ailments like common colds to bloating and nausea, this tea can do wonders for you. Many love herbal tea for its taste while some ensure sipping a cup of it daily to enjoy the different health benefits it offers.

Herbal teas are of different types like for instance you can enjoy jasmine, rosehip or even rosemary herbal tea, each having its own unique benefits. If you are wondering what these benefits are, it’s time you start reading this course of writing. Since there are different kinds of herbal teas, this article will list down the benefits according to the kinds of teas that you can find.

Passion herbal tea

If you are having problems getting a good night’s sleep or fear that you may have insomnia, then passion herbal tea is a good solution. You may find different medications and techniques to battle your sleeplessness but the best tried and tested way to get normal sleep is through drinking passion herbal tea. All you need to do is boil a cup of water and add dried passion leaves in it. Let the leaves simmer and steep in the water and then drink it slowly. Don’t however expect the sudden onset of sleep as you will have to drink it for a week to start getting regular bouts of sleep.

Thyme herbal tea

During the cold season, it is common for many to catch a cold whereas some face different allergies and sinus attacks throughout the year. Thyme herbs are known for their anti allergic properties and are the best option available to defeat the sinus attack and numerous allergies. Just add it in boiling water and let the herbs steep in the water for at least 10 minutes. Two tea spoons will do the trick for you. If the condition is severe, you can take another cup during the day.

For headaches, its rosemary

Headaches are frustrating and just add to your problems. Whether you are a businessman, housewife or a student, headaches are despised by all. If you find yourself with splitting headaches from time to time then rosemary herbal tea is the way to go. Not only does it take away all kinds of headaches but in case you have a sinus attack and can’t find thyme, it can relieve you of the pain and its symptoms as well. Remember to drink it within thirty minutes to ensure full effects of the herbs.


If there is one thing that can spoil all your plans for the day, it’s bloating and nausea since it’s uncontrollable and irritable. Though there are medicines available but you will have to run to the pharmacy to get them. In fact nausea can be a side effect of a medicine that you are already using. So try peppermint herbal tea instead since not only does it tackle the sour taste in your mouth that results from nausea but also cures all symptoms of nausea and bloating. If you can add green mint leaves into the cup as well, you will get the perfect cure for nausea.

Lemon Balm

There are numerous herbal teas out there but the best one to take care of your stress will be lemon balm. It is the ideal herbal tea to help you relieve stress. After a hectic day when you feel stressed out and want a break, just make yourself a lemon balm herbal tea. It should be stated here that it is slightly stronger than other herbal brews but it is important to drink it slowly for at least 25 minutes and just to make it delectable, add honey to it.

Herbs have been used for varying purposes for many years. Chinese, Indians, Europeans and even the Red Indians have used herbs in various ways. Now many doctors and nutritionists encourage their patients to use herbal teas to cure or get reprieve from their ailments. If you have a health issue, ask your doctor right now about the kind of herbal tea you should start drinking. Visit the nearest grocery store to find these herbs as they are easily available.

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