CPR Training Advice & Tips 

Why Oakland and Berkeley Need First Aid and CPR Training?

We all know that life is unpredictable. Any disease can take place in the life of any individual and there is no aid when it comes to emergency situations except CPR. However, there are certain destinations that need the most CPR and first-aid training such as Oakland and Berkeley. Now the question is why. According to the official data, there are over 15,000 deaths and nearly 75,000 people are permanently disabled. There are still over 300000 children who need immediate medical help as they need to get hospitalized and one…

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Prevent Headaches Advice & Tips 

6 Remedies To Prevent Headaches

Headaches are an extremely common problem. While some milder headaches may just be a one-off and pass without causing too much disruption, some more serious headaches may require more attention. Similarly, frequent headaches can have a hindering effect on a sufferer’s quality of life, and could be being caused by something we’re doing, or failing to do, on a regular basis. Here are some tips on how to help you shift your headache, and how to make recurrences less frequent and less likely: Stay Hydrated Headaches can often come about…

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Diabetes Care Advice & Tips 

Four Ways To Improve Your Diabetes Care In The Coming Year

Diabetes is not something that goes away overnight; it is a chronic illness that you must learn to live with and adjust to daily. That often means making serious, everyday changes to diet and exercise. However, rather than get discouraged or panic about what’s to come, realize that lifestyle changes can be tackled in small steps. You’re not going to be a marathon runner tomorrow – and no one expects you to be – but you can begin to go out on daily walks. You’re not expected to go 100 percent vegan,…

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Help friend in Depression Advice & Tips 

How To Help A Friend Who’s Dealing With Depression

It is great to help others, but the most important thing to remember while helping a friend is to continue taking care of yourself. Without your own healthy emotional state, you will not be able to offer any assistance to anyone else. With that in mind, the best way to help a friend who is dealing with depression is to offer them resources to make the decision to help himself or herself. If you have a good understanding of what depression is and what your friend is going through, then you can…

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Risk Of A Stroke Advice & Tips 

Who Is Most Likely To Be At Risk Of A Stroke?

There are many who are at risk for a stroke; however, to prevent a stroke there are certain things you and I can do such as getting regular checkups, eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise. When a stroke occurs, a person loses control of their movement, speech, perception or other bodily functions. In addition, one can also lose consciousness. There are certain symptoms of a stroke that everyone should be aware of such as: • Loss of vision, coordination, strength, speech and sensation • A sudden weakness or numbness…

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carpal tunnel syndrome Advice & Tips 

Treatment And Prevention Of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

Carpal tunnel syndrome results in numbness and pain in the fingers. In some cases the numbness or pain is extreme enough to wake up a person from his sleep. If left untreated it can lead to loss of movement and atrophy of some of the thenar muscles. For this reason it is extremely important to seek advice and treatment at the earliest when a patient is diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. There are many different treatment options available to patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. What follows is a list…

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Arthritis Pain Advice & Tips 

10 Natural Cures That Help Ease Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a reality for one in ten adults and it is generally characterized by joint inflammation and pain. Osteoarthritis is the most common form, and is related to years of wear and tear on the joints, particularly hands and knees. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic form occurring on both sides of the body symmetrically. Pain occurs when the bones rub against each other as the lining that cushions the bones has become inflamed causing damage to the bones. For more than fifteen percent of those affected, the pain is…

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Common Nightmare Advice & Tips 

The Most Common Nightmare And What It Says About You

Nightmares not only afflict us at night and can prevent us from sleeping: they can haunt us during our daytime hours as well. But in the field of 20th century psychoanalysis, and in the current beliefs of many people, dreams aren’t just random images passing before the mind as we sleep, they are signs of deep trauma or fear, often so deep that we do not consciously acknowledge it. Nightmares about losing our teeth are the most common suffered by people. A study from the 1950s showed that more than 20% of…

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Dementia Patients Advice & Tips 

Home Safety Tips for Dementia Patients

If you are tasked with caring for someone with dementia, you are all too familiar with its devastating effects. It is not just about people forgetting familiar faces or details of their lives, it is about eventually forgetting how to do anything. As cognitive function declines, danger can lurk in every corner of the home. To keep your loved one safe, modifications must be made. Here are some helpful tips for creating a safe environment for someone suffering from dementia. Assess the Home As someone with normal brain function, it…

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Office Jobs Advice & Tips 

Office Jobs – How to Avoid Back Pain, Eye Fatigue And Stress

I hope none of you have had a tiring day at the office like me. However, considering the fast-paced city life, most of you probably did and some are still trying to wind down. I constantly notice workaholics torturing themselves in their office every day. The thing that really gets me sad is that they’ve accepted this way of life. They don’t take any initiative to relieve the stress and torture they face at their workplace. Office-goers experience computer eyestrains, neck pains, headaches, migraine, stiff neck, puffy and fatigued eyes,…

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