The dangers that come as a result of smoking cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is one of the most common habits exercised by people of all ages and sexes. Taking a number of cigarette puffs a day relieves stress and tension for the smoker. In addition to that it is a stimulant due to the presence of nicotine in the tobacco. However, there are serious consequences of smoking cigarettes. Due to the combustion of the tobacco, as one of the cigarette Supplies, there is production of smoke to produce nicotine and tar. As a result there are various dangers that come with smoking of cigarettes. Some of the dangers of smoking are immediate while others are long term dangers.

Cigarette smoking can result in the development of cancer. This is a long term danger to your health. A prolonged habit of smoking cigarettes can lead to various types of cancers. The most common among smokers is the cancer of the lungs. Cancer is a very dangerous disease which is known to be fatal. It has no cure but it can be controlled in its early stages. Other types of cancers that may come as a result of cigarette smoking is mouth and throat cancers among others. These types of cancers are brought about by the poisonous tar and nicotine compounds due to the combustion of tobacco with the help of a cigarette lighter. The toxic compounds are deposited on the body cells where they enhance the growth of cancerous cells.

Heart attack is another danger due to cigarette smoking. There is the accumulation of the toxic nicotine cigarette supplies in the blood vessels. As a result it narrows the blood vessels carrying blood to the heart which later leads to a heart attack. This makes the heart to develop complications in the pumping of blood to the rest of the body. Research has been carried out and statistics show that smokers are more vulnerable to getting a heart attack than nonsmokers. In addition to that, cardiovascular disease is a complication that is caused due to the accumulation of nicotine on the inner walls of the blood vessels.

Respiratory infections are common among smokers. This is an immediate danger in the smoking of cigarettes. They result due to the accumulation of cigarette supplies like nicotine, tar and smoke in the respiratory system. The patient will start to develop consistent coughs and heavy breathing. This is a sign of an infected respiratory system. In some severe cases, these infections could lead to diseases like asthma and Tuberculosis among other respiratory complications.

Electronic Cigarette has been rumored to help cigarette smokers to quit smoking. Although it is under serious medical research to determine whether it is safe to use, this type of cigarette is believed to harbor less danger as compared to tobacco cigarettes. This is due to the lack of the poisonous compounds produced through the combustion of tobacco. In its place there are special fluids that are used to produce vapors with the same sensation as smoking a regular cigarette. In this case the use of a cigarette lighter is not required as there are batteries which are charged to enable the production of the vapors. However, an electronic cigarette also contains nicotine to aid in the stimulation of the smoker.

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