Breast Augmentation: Its Role in Women Empowerment and Tips to Remember

If breast augmentation statistics will be checked for this decade, a certain pattern can be found in its numbers. Increase can be pointed out and the age bracket that has been seeking the procedure keeps getting younger.

The procedure has been overshadowed by different non-invasive practices in the said industry.

Why Breast Augmentation has Become Synonymous to Confidence

Most women view breast augmentation as a way to empower self-confidence and self-esteem. Some benefits of breast augmentation include:

  1. Improved self-image. You feel better and feel more confident after.
  2. Your clothes fit better. There are some clothes which may look better if filled the right way.
  3. You can show some skin confidently.

Preparing Days Before the Augmentation

Before the breast augmentation, there are certain things that can be done to help you become ready for the operation day. Here are some tips for that.

  1. If you are smoking, avoid it weeks before the operation. This will help you detoxify your body and prep you up for the medicines that need to be used. Some nicotine might be bad for the operation and even in wound healing.
  2. Eat well. Eat the right food and the right amount of it. The healthy food you can find from a meal that will be planned by your dietician. But if you haven’t had one, you can certainly identify the right food from the unhealthy one right? Fruits and veggies are the best food there is not only days before the operation but after too.
  3. Work it out. Work out 6 days a week or you can work out for 7 if you are willed enough. Working out will prep up your body for the incoming operation. Being healthy and fit will help you recover well too.
  4. Meditate on it. Meditating will help prepare you for the operation. Start and practice breathing well and keep your mind off from worries. You can even incorporate a couple of yoga poses to help in the workout routine you are having. It will help make you flexible and fit too.
  5. Visit your doctor for some orientation. You can talk to your doctor or to his staffs even. Ask about things to expect and the things to do too. You can even spend the time thinking about your choices on implants and sizes too. Ask for opinions of what is best for it.

The Filler Types

There are different fillers that can be used for the procedure. Some would be having silicones but there are different options aside from it. Silicone though is the most popular among them.

The size of fillers matters. You can think about it before the operation. If you are aiming for a little improvement, then you can choose some average sized filler. If you want a very visible improvement, biggerfiller can suffice too.

How to Survive the Procedure

There are certain tips that may be helping you survive the procedure. Though technology has lent the procedure much ease compared in the past, there are still some little tips that can help you get by.

Things like brining someone with you will help you a lot. A moral and emotional support can bring a big difference. Ask a friend or a family member to be with you.

Know what to expect too. Sometimes you may feel inadequate because you have a limited knowledge of what you are undergoing. Know the pre operation points, things to remember during the operation and the post-operative cares you have to undergo.

Other things to remember

After the operation you may need to follow all the suggestions and the requirements to heal fast. Things to avoid should be put in mind as well. Such things include heavy activities and food to avoid.

Before the operation too you should make sure that you have chosen the rightclinic and the right doctor to do the job. The licensed and well trained doctor can make you feel safe and will put your mind at ease.

The risks and the complications too should be discussed to you by your doctor. Breast augmentation can be a fast procedure that may be done in a day but then it may pose certain complications if done the wrong way. Revision for the surgery may be available but then it pays to do it right the first time, right?

Breast augmentation is something that many women seek for aesthetic purposes, but safety in every procedure should come first.

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