Dealing With Neck and Back Pain

A ‘pulled’ neck can be a very painful and frustrating ailment to contend with. Indeed, this kind of soreness can make it difficult – sometimes even impossible – for an afflicted individual to look around them without carefully turning the rest of their body beforehand.

However, as uncomfortable as this pain can be, it is often the case that neck pain does not always stop with the neck. All too frequently, the pain, stiffness and tingles associated with neck ailments can spread down a person’s upper and lower back and sometimes even affect muscles within the chest. In extreme cases, the pain can even reach as far as an individual’s wrists and fingers.

In a similar vein, it is possible for sciatica to occur in such circumstances, more often than not in the form of a mild pain in the buttocks and/or top part of the leg. Sadly, this can develop into a periodically excruciating and crippling pain which is discomforting enough to prevent those suffering with it from being able to walk or even sleep.

Causes Of Neck Pain

All manner of things can cause people to experience significant neck pain. For instance, teenage school pupils and university students often force themselves to sit in positions which bring on neck complaints when they study or revise for long periods of time without taking any kind of break. Needless to say, doing this for weeks or months on end in dimly lit rooms, being kept awake by artificial stimulants will compromise a person’s posture significantly.

Pregnancy is another cause of neck and back pain. Indeed, carrying an unborn child and giving birth can put a lot of stress on a woman’s body, as can the raising the child once it arrives (babies and toddlers require an awful lot of lifting and carrying).

Needless to say, occupational activities are a major cause of neck pain. Whether it is through repeated acts of bending down or moving heavy objects, or sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, five days a week; the workplace can cause people in all professions to develop poor posture over time and increase their chances of suffering associated bouts of potential painful neck and back pain.

Fortunately, there is a very quick and easy way for individuals suffering with neck and back pain to relieve the pain and discomfort that often comes with poor posture and that is to invest in cycloidal vibration therapy electric massage products.

Cycloidal Vibration Therapy

Unlike other massage units which work on hammer-like ‘to and fro’ movements, massage machines utilising cycloidal vibration therapy technology rotate and pulsate out from the centre of the device in a whirlpool-type motion, vibrating gently up and down as well as round and round. Better still, this technology is available in the form of handheld massage devices and mobile massage pads, as well as vibrating chairs and electric massager beds, so finding a product to suit a specific ailment is never a problem.

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