Get Beautiful With Mineral Makeup

We live in a world where a lot of importance is placed on beauty. Some people even go to the extreme of plastic surgery to get that perfect look. When it comes to women, makeup is a must have and this has become the norm. Most women would not even dare to leave their homes without applying makeup.

A form of cosmetics that is often overlooked and is not commonly used is mineral makeup. This is an alternative to conventional cosmetics and is made up of compressed organic and natural components.

With mineral cosmetics, your skin is well taken care of by the use of natural minerals which are not harmful to the skin. All kinds of mineral cosmetics ranging from mascara, to foundation, to lipstick, are made from finely-milled, pulverized, and purified minerals with no additives. This means a hundred percent purity with no harmful chemicals.

The Minerals Used In The Manufacture Of This Makeup

Beauty has always been an important factor in the life of a human being. This is clearly outlined in the fact that makeup can be traced all the way back to the days of Cleopatra. This famous Egyptian queen used natural minerals to protect her skin from the sun as well as to enhance her beauty. Today’s mineral cosmetics take a lead from those times and add a little modern touch. Here are some of the minerals used to make mineral makeup.

  • Iron Oxides – also known as ferric oxide, is a dark red crystalline water insoluble solid. This naturally occurring mineral is used as a colorant.
  • Zinc Oxide is a mineral that has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Mica is also processed before use in cosmetics. It is used for shimmer as well as to render the end product absorbent for the benefit of people with oily skin.
  • Finally, Titanium Dioxide has a natural component that deflects ultraviolet rays. It is therefore used as a component in sunscreens.

Advantages Of Using Mineral Makeup

  • When you look at the ingredients on the packs of mineral cosmetics, they mainly involve natural earth found minerals. This type of makeup uses strictly pure natural components and therefore shields the skin from the harmful side effects that may be caused by the chemicals found in other forms of makeup.
  • Unlike the chemically manufactured makeup, mineral cosmetics have no added fragrances, preservatives, dyes, and other added substances that are known to cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin types.
  • Mineral cosmetic is usually non-comedogenic. This means that the makeup does not clog the skin pores, and can therefore be used safely by people who have skin problems such as acne.
  • This makeup also has an inbuilt sun protection factor that is a healthy and safer alternative to the chemicals used in most sunscreen products.
  • Lastly, all natural mineral cosmetics prevents skin burning and occurrence of bacterial contamination of the skin.

In case you are looking for mineral makeup, make sure that you check the ingredients properly, and always buy from a recommended brand.

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