Diabetes and Changing Habits

There are many reasons why a diabetic needs to exercise but the problem is adjusting, either the tablets/capsules, or adjusting insulin taken as you get fitter and stronger. Obviously it will depend on the type of exercise done by any diabetic on a regular basis.

In the last 20 years there have been many empirical studies conclusively proving the benefit of exercise for diabetes. It will not happen overnight as it requires a lifestyle change which takes at least three months to settle down. If you are a diabetic on insulin (Type I) you will see a difference in the first day so adjusting your insulin requirements will be required.

Changing your routine to one that includes exercise goes hand in hand with the motivation and the opportunity to change your eating patterns as well as what you eat. The ideal way to eat is small meals as often as possible, that does not mean a pie or another burger, it means preparing ahead.

The type of exercise you decide to do will depend on your childhood and your genetics. If you have never been exposed to exercise or sport during your childhood you should consider walking on a regular basis to start with. If you know what exercise is and are familiar with the idea of training at least three times a week, you should join a gym or join some sport.

When you join the gym you should get started with a trainer who will discuss your specific objectives. If the reason you joined the gym is to improve your health and lower your need for tablets/insulin then simple circuit training is recommended. The benefits will be seen in the first week, all you need is a commitment.

If you have never exercised on a regular basis then you should not start off any radical diet or changing your eating habits until you get into a regular training routine. The experts tell us that it takes about 6 weeks to become a habit plus you will be seriously motivated to change your eating habits once you have a regular exercise routine in place.

If you are over-weight and your objective is to lower your body-fat then you need to seriously change your shopping habits. The food you purchase is directly responsible for your body-fat content, the choices you make when shopping will dictate the success of your fat loss plan.

When the objective is to lower the amount of calories you take in every day, food preparation is the key to your success. A fried egg will be 270 calories and a boiled egg will only be 70 calories. As you can see the way your food is prepared food is going to be the major factor influencing your fat loss.

It is important to monitor your blood sugar levels when starting to exercise and making diet alterations. If you are taking insulin you will need to adjust your insulin dose to avoid slipping into hypoglycemia. Diabetic tablets increase your sensitivity to insulin so the chances of you needing to reduce your tablet dosage will probably only happen after a few months of regular training and diet adjustments.

When taking diabetic tablets and you find that your blood sugars will get lower after a few months of training, you should see your doctor and explain the new lifestyle changes you have implemented and ask if any adjustments can be made. Your glucose monitor automatically stores your readings which should be shown to your doctor.


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