Office Jobs – How to Avoid Back Pain, Eye Fatigue And Stress

I hope none of you have had a tiring day at the office like me. However, considering the fast-paced city life, most of you probably did and some are still trying to wind down. I constantly notice workaholics torturing themselves in their office every day. The thing that really gets me sad is that they’ve accepted this way of life. They don’t take any initiative to relieve the stress and torture they face at their workplace.

Office JobsOffice-goers experience computer eyestrains, neck pains, headaches, migraine, stiff neck, puffy and fatigued eyes, sinus pressure pain, sore neck, congested nasal passage, facial tension and body aches on a frequent basis. The amount of stress mobile radiations, computer backlights and late-night shifts have brought to your body are phenomenal. The after-effects of these symptoms are reaching epidemic proportions and thing are not likely to solve on their own.

Unfortunately, the stress of sitting in a fixed posture for several hours not only leads to headaches and body pain but, it can also affect the overall performance of your body at physical and mental level. Are you tired of the usual 9-to-5 routine? Fortunately, massage techniques help you address these issues. Body massage is a quick, effective and simple way to assuage the sufferings caused by workplace stressors.

Word on the benefits of massage techniques for stress relief has spread far and wide. Statistics quote – among 39 million employed professionals in America, at least one in six adults has had at least one massage in his lifetime. The best part is only a few sensual experiences rival the heavenly pressure associated with a full-body massage. At least, it’s one of those “adult things” that you can freely talk about at the dinner table.

How You Can Address Back Pain, Eye Fatigue and Stress with a Tantalizing Massage?

Eye Fatigue

Excessive exposure of eyes to electronic gadgets like laptops and computers cause seasonal sinus pressure and eye stains. A simple thumb massage is the best way to address this issue. Just place your thumbs at the inside edges of your eyes (under the eyebrows) and rotate them in light circular motions, slowly progressing towards the outside. Repeat this process until you reach the ending at the nasal bridge. You can practice this process every time you sit in front of your computer screens. It’ll bring relief to your eyes.


Working in a cramped, poorly-ventilated room all day can stress your head. Try massaging your forehead. Start by putting your thumbs on your cheek, near the ears. Rub up and down your forehead. Apply slight pressure on the temple. Start from the corners and move your fingertips along the hairline, until they meet in the middle of your forehead.

Back Pain

You can reap the benefits of a back massage when you get to a therapist. Masseurs perform enticing techniques to relieve stress and pain associated with neck, shoulders, upper back and hips.

Nowadays, a lot of DVDs and online tutorials are available for help. You can practice these techniques at the weekends. Try them on yourself or your colleagues and loved ones. Regular massages boost your energy, increase concentration and let you relax at the night. This is just the beginning! These techniques are exceptionally helpful and comforting for people who work in their offices and sit for long hours. You can experience several health benefits if you get a comforting massage every week.

Romeo Demes is a IT professional and passionate writer who is spending most of his time in front of his PC. He is trying to avoid the negative consequences of a sitting job like this by doing a lot of sports, eating healthy and by getting a massage at least 1-2 times a month. Information used in this article was kindly provided by massage specialists from Hong Kong.

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