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There is no such thing as a losing weight recipe that works for everyone. Depending on your genetics, your overall state of health and your lifestyle, losing the extra weight might be easy or, on the contrary, a very difficult process.  If you are committed to losing the extra weight, it’s important to take into account all the factors that might interfere with the process. Here are some of the things that could prevent you from losing weight or might make weight loss a lot difficult for you than it is for other people:

1. Your family’s dietary habits. Your eating patterns are formed in early childhood. If you grew up in a family where the rule was to finish everything on your plate or where large quantities of food were consumed every day, it might be a little more difficult for you to lose weight. You have to reset your mind and understand that you don’t have to finish up your plate each and every time – you just have to eat until you feel satiated.

Satiated doesn’t mean extra full or so full that you can’t stand up: satiated means that you’re no longer hungry. However, for a lot of people, it’s difficult to understand the difference between normal portions of food and over-indulging.

If you are planning to start a diet, it’s important to start listening to your body and to stop eating when you are satiated, but not full. There are a few tricks that will help you restart your body. The human brain notices that you are satiated a few minutes after you stop eating. If you eat fast and without pauses, the caches are you’ll eat much more than you actually need. To avoid that, by the time you finished half of the food on your plate, take a little break: put the fork or the spoon down, take a deep breath, a sip of water or talk a little with the other people at the table. If you still feel hungry after the little break, continue your meal, but eat slowly and listen to the clues your body is sending. Another good method is to eat slowly, with small bites, and to chew methodically every piece of food you put in your mouth.

2. Health conditions that prevent you from losing weight. There are several conditions that prevent people from losing weight. Some of them have a lot of symptoms and are hard to miss (like polycystic ovary syndrome or insulin resistance, for example). Other conditions, however, might go unnoticed for longer periods of time: hypothyroidism, chronic stress, hormonal changes in women or testosterone decline in men). If you suffer from a chronic illness that makes losing weight harder, talk with your physician and a nutritionist to find out if it’s OK for you to try diet pills. It’s important not to get discouraged – even if you have an extra challenge, it doesn’t mean that you can’t lose weight.  Also, if you started a serious diet but after a few weeks you still haven’t lost any weight, it’s a good idea to go to your doctor with the problem.

3. Your genetics: In the last few years, more and more scientific studies found a correlation between obesity and genes. In other words, if you carry certain genes, you are more likely to become overweight or obese. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to have expensive genetic tests to find out whether you carry those genes or not. But there is another, quite accurate way to confirm whether you are genetically predisposed to being overweight and obese. If several of your family members have this problem than it’s very likely that you all carry some of those genes. It’s important to realize that, even if the genetic predisposition is a setback, it doesn’t mean that you already lost the battle with the extra weight. You’ll have to work harder than other people, but the victory will be sweeter!

All the factors we discussed in this article could make losing weight harder for you than it is for other people. However, you are in control of your diet and your lifestyle and, if you are perseverant and dedicated to the goal, you will succeed to lose the extra weight.


This article was written by Anna Campbell with the assistance of My Phentermine, about the factors that might prevent you from losing weight

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