Weight Loss Secrets the Pros Don’t Tell You

Today, “thin is in” and everyone is looking for the fastest possible way to shed those extra pounds and look their best. Newer and better ways like ultrasound for weight loss are making waves in the world of weight loss. However, not everyone prefers to go in for procedures like ultrasound for weight loss and many may still prefer conventional methods. With conventional methods, there are certain weight loss secrets that professionals won’t tell you. Let’s take a look at what they are.

  • Don’t go for your training session on an empty stomach, coming off a stomach bug/cold, or on four hour’s sleep. This will waste your time if your body is not hydrated, fueled, and ready to work.
  • Nibble while on the move. In case you are shopping and feeling hungry, avoid settling down at the food court and, instead, nibble on your way through the shopping session. Pick up a light snack, like a hot pretzel or chicken taco, at a kiosk and nibble on the move. Make sure to check the calorie count before eating.
  • If you find your workouts becoming a little stale, get yourself a trainer to put some pep into your workout. In case you cannot afford one, get together some friends for a small group workout session. Working out with friends has been proven to improve commitment and overall weight loss.
  • Opt for high intensity intervals to kick start your metabolism. Recent studies have shown that women who did 20 minutes of brisk cycling lost 3 times as much fat as compared to those who cycled steadily and slowly for 40 minutes.
  • Give up on your afternoon slump and dampen your hunger pangs with water.  Energy level that drops in the afternoon is likely due to a combination of factors. These include mild dehydration, a light lunch, a momentary deficiency of iron or the coffee you had during your late-morning meeting.  Before running to the fridge to binge, drink a big glass of water as it will make you feel full and also improve blood circulation.
  • Stay away from anything crispy and mayo-heavy sauces. Instead, opt for mustard and no-fat dressing.
  • It could be your bedroom and not the kitchen that could be making you fat. Lack of sleep upsets hormonal balance and triggers a decrease in the hormone leptin that helps you feel full, and an increase in the hormone ghrelin that triggers hunger. Due to this, we think we are hungry even if we are not. Sleep is considered as the cheapest and easiest treatment for obesity.
  • Ear infections can spoil your taste buds. In a study conducted on more than 6,000 people, it was found that people over 35 who had suffered from various ear infections had almost double the chances of being obese. This is because the infection can damage a taste nerve that runs through the middle ear. Researchers found that former ear-infection patients were more likely to love fatty and sweet foods. They theorized that the damaged nerve may cause them to have a higher threshold for sensing fattiness and sweetness.
  • Obesity could be due to your mom. Science suggests that fatty and sugary foods consumed even before you are born can cause problems with your weight.
  • During dinner, make yourself useful by serving people and cleaning up. This will get you away from your plate and still makes you an important part of the meal.

 Keeping these suggestions in mind will help you lose weight safely and effectively, and let you get the most for your bucks.


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