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Why you should lose weight and keep it off

It’s no secret being overweight isn’t good for you, so in this article I’m going to outline a few of the more serious problems with being overweight and obese and why you should change and lose some weight. For your heart The build-up of excess fat around the heart muscle itself and in particular the blood vessels (veins and arteries) make blood flow rather difficult, these symptoms drastically increase the risk of a heart attack and heart disease. Studies have shown that a 5 point increase in your body’s BMI…

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How to Lose Weight in the Most Effective and Proven Ways

Today, a majority of individuals are struggling with weight loss and fitness issues. Having extra pounds is your body will not only affect your health negatively but also your self-esteem and confidence. Whether your operating on a tight schedule or a tight budget such that you cannot manage to enroll to a gym, there are other ways you can use to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. If you are determined and focused with your goals and objectives, you will definitely attain them. Losing weight is not a one…

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