You and Your Eye Color: How Your Eyes Can Tell So much About You

Your eyes are your window to your soul. And most often, this window is plagued by different issues including those parts that surround it. Sagging eyelids are major concern in the cosmetic surgery field and sometimes this may affect the eyes’ functional use as they tend to block or result to poor vision. Some may opt for Blepharoplasty (the eyelid surgery) to help improving vision.

Such surgery is an example as to the way we put emphasis to eye care. For the eye itself, LASIK is present to correct vision problems such as astigmatism, far sightedness and nearsightedness.

Again we put so much emphasis on the eyes because more often, people you met tend to look you in the eyes, know a part of you or even deiced on your personality. You can tell cold and warm people in their eyes. You can tell even emotions through the eyes. So yes they plays a great role in your overall personality.

Eye Color and Personality

Eye colors vary from person to person. Usually it is most often decide by genes. Yes certain race has a single eye color unless intermarriages occur. The eye color is the result of the eye pigment. Most common eye color includes blue, brown and green. Hazel, gray, violet and black are also examples of more color types.

Brown-eyed people is said to be sharp while blue-eyed ones are sweet and the green-eyed are on the bit of mischievous side. But then this might be varying on some cases too. But in over all study, where the dark eyed and the light eyed people are compared, the dark eyed tend to have better social skills as well as in emotional issues.

On the other hand, if you are blue eyed, you may be a strategy thinker as a study shown. But then many people tend to trust girls with brown eyes than those with blue.

So it’s a couple of complicated maze out there. You may never know what definitions you get. But for a disclaimer, this can’t be true to all. As I have said there might just be some varying factors for you and your eyes. You can expect to generalize everybody due to eye color, right?

So Why the Eyes?

Because the eyes tend to show emotions better than any other body parts. So yes, the thing about windows of the soul is true. The right care should be done for it too. You may never know how some things might cause harm to the eyes, so better have some protection when going out. Always wear sunglasses when the sun is glaring and rest eyes after a long day work. Also if you have stared at computer screen for long, try to look away for a minute. If you are considering on making your eyelids more youthful, you can try blepharoplasty. It will help.

Every eye color is a gift. Whether you got a shade lighter or darker, still it is a reason to be thankful for.

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